Patient Safety Hero Award

The Kentucky Hospital Improvement Innovation Network invites you to nominate a worthy candidate for the K-HIIN Patient Safety Hero Award. One praiseworthy individual from one K-HIIN participating hospital will receive the award certificate each month throughout the K-HIIN project. As all program participants strive to improve Patient Safety in Kentucky, K-HIIN hospital leaders are encouraged to share more and more stories of patient safety success.

The award will be given to individuals that have performed at a high level of accountability and have been instrumental in one or more of the following areas:

  • Uncovered new methods of quality improvement and patient safety
  • Trained staff member(s) on the importance of patient safety
  • Prevented harm from a patient at risk
  • Other improvement activities that deserve recognition (please describe)

Please nominate an individual that meets one or more of the above areas of achievement using the form below. Describe the work that individual has accomplished in the Comments/Reason for Nomination field.

The K-HIIN team will evaluate all nominees for consideration and recognize a Patient Safety Hero each month.

Nomination Form

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